We take pride in each and every project.


We really believe that no job is too small or too big for us to handle. We are just as happy helping to make you a small plexiglass window as we are tackling large scale commercial skylight projects and architectural molded plastics projects. To us every job is one we are grateful for and one we take pride in. The Plastics Guy replacement skylights and fabricated plastic products are made in Sacramento and come with our 100% quality guarantee. Check out our photo gallery in the Services section for samples of our Plastics fabrication work.


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Our Plastic Fabrication Services


At The Plastics Guy we're happy to offer many of the plastics fabrication services that you might need. Feel free to contact us for help with anything you see, or don't see on the list below.


Here's some plastics products & services we offer:


  • Replacement acrylic boat windshields
  • Acrylic skylights / Replacement Skylight Domes

  • Acrylic domes / Plastic Hemispheres

  • Plastics Fabrication Services

  • Large Curved bends on acrylic / Drape Forming

  • Architectural Plastics thermoforming/Acrylic Windscreens

  • Machine Guards and Enclosures

  • Acrylic boxes and Vitrines

  • CNC Routing/Laser Cutting

  • CNC Machining (4-axis)

  • Boat Windshield Installations

  • Plastics Light Sconces & Diffusers

  • Plastic Enclosures / Acrylic Vitrines

  • Acrylic polishing and refurbishment

  • Machined Plastic Parts

  • Fishing & Bass Boat windshields

  • Shims, Skid Plates and wear pads


Peyton and Brett inspecting a new windshield for defects prior to shipping

About Us

our start


The Plastics Guy started out as a project in Brett's garage remaking a  windshield for our 1959 Dorsett El Dorado that had seen it's better days. As a seasoned plastics professional he was astonished that Northern California boat owners had to ship their windshields to LA, Seattle or Florida to get replacements and believed he could create a solution. After months of trial and error he and his nephew Brandon perfected the art and opened shop in Sacramento to serve friends and fellow boat owners. Today, we produce more custom replacement boat windshields than any other shop in Northern California and aspire to be the largest windshield producer in the state...or the entire West Coast.