Using a technique called Blow Molding, The Plastics Guy can create custom sized acrylic domes and hemispheres.  Our custom built thermo-forming equipment is capable of forming plastic domes as large as 48" in diameter and 24" in height, with or without a flange. Our shop has stock dome molds for all whole inch denominations between 4" and 48" diameters. We can create fractional diameter domes with additional tooling fee's.

We have created custom domes for the Exploratorium which can be seen in educational museums as far away as Kayseri, Turkey. Commonly, acrylic domes are used for the following applications: Security Camera Covers, Playground Features, Movie Set Prop's, Custom Replacement Skylights, exhibits and port covers. Contact us today to discuss your projects specific needs.

To request a quote on acrylic or polycarbonate domes email us the Height, Diameter and Flange as shown in the graphic below, along with your required material thickness and color. We offer discounts on orders of 2 or more, so if you are needing more than 1 dome, please let us know.

Requests for quote can be sent to and will be responded to within 24 hours.  For immediate assistance please call 916-728-8264.

Acrylic Domes & Hemisphere's

NOTE: For acrylic domes the height must not exceed half the diameter. For Polycarbonate domes the height must not exceed 1/3rd the diameter. Max material thickness is 3/8". Max diameter is 48". Material will thin in relation to the overall height of the dome.

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