When we estimate on the manufacturing of new acrylic boat windshields our pricing does NOT include installation of the windshield on your boat. Installations can range anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day and often require additional hardware or materials to complete. Unless otherwise stated, price quotes will cover only the labor and materials necessary to produce the windshield itself.

If you are uncomfortable with performing the installation on your own, we do offer installation services at an additional fee (SEE PRICING BELOW).

Installation Fee Schedule:

Travel Time $40/hr

Off Site Installations $90/hr

Installs at our shop $75/hr

Emergency Installations $200/hr plus travel time

For off site installations we typically require an appointment in advance. If your boat is located in a locked marina, we need to have contact information for the Harbor Master so we can notify them in advance that we will be working on your boat.

FREE Installation Advice:

For those customers who want to perform the installation on their own, but need a little guidance, we offer plenty of free advice and can help walk you through the process. Odds are we have already installed a similar windshield and can give you a few pointers.

Boat Windshield Installation Services