Process & Lead times...

Replacement Boat Windshields

  • Rough Dimensions of the window (Length x Width x Height)
  • Thickness of material (most commonly 3/16" or 1/4")
  • Color of material (Clear, smoked, green, etc.)
  • Framed or Frameless
  • Photo(s) of the windshield in it's current condition
  • Your Contact information
  • Shipping Address (if applicable)

We can replicate damaged boat windows and boat windshields using UV stable Plexiglass acrylic and high strength Lexan polycarbonate in both tinted and clear forms. Our talented plastics fabrication team can recreate the original window with precision, in most cases matching the original form exactly. Check out our BEFORE AND AFTER images below for examples of our work.

Nothing helps give your boat that fresh off the showroom floor look quite like a new glistening acrylic windshield! Whether your windshield is cracked, hazy or completely missing, we have the tools to manufacture your custom plastic windshield as well or better than the factory original.

We also offer delivery to customers throughout California.  In Northern California we deliver as needed. For Southern California and Las Vegas customers we typically group orders and deliver them in lots once every 5 to 6 weeks.

NOTE: Price quotes on windshields do NOT include hardware or installation costs. IF you would like us to source hardware please let us know so we can provide you with an estimate when quoting.

Information we need to quote...

After receiving the required information, our team will discuss your needs and provide you with a written quote within 24 hours.

Lead times once an order is placed can be as little as a few days, but typically run 2 to 3 weeks.

Out of state orders require a 50% deposit and must be paid in full prior to shipping.