Drape Forming / Heat Molding

Are you in need of a custom light sconce, acrylic coffee table or end table,  a sneeze guard for your restaurant or curved windows for cabinetry?  All of these types of items would be produced using a process called drape molding. Using our state of the art heating equipment, The Plastics Guy heats acrylic up to over 320 degree's Fahrenheit, which softens the plastic like a wet noodle. Once the plastic is soft we carefully form it over a mold to achieve and exact contour. After it is in place we cool the material at a set pace over a period of several hours to reduce material stress and bowing.

Common drape molded items:

  • Acrylic wind screens
  • Light Sconces
  • Light Diffusers
  • Canopies
  • Acrylic furniture
  • Sneeze Guards
  • Machine Guards
  • Architectural Features
  • Hatch Covers
  • Acrylic Displays
  • Boat Windshields
  • Bus Shelter Roofs

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