Braydee Bartlett

VP - Health & Safety

James Greer

Lead Fabricator

Chyanne Bartlett


Chyanne, a.k.a. Mama Bear, left her 10+ year career in the corporate accounting world to work at home with her two girls, Peyton and Braydee. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in A/R and A/P, has set us up to accept payments through Square and keeps our vendors happy by getting all the bills paid early. When she is not helping us out with financial duties, Chyanne is busily chasing after the kids, homeschooling them through Pre-School and fostering their creativity. Chyanne has an insatiable appetite for reading and regularly devours books in a single sitting.


Brett Bartlett


Braydee, a.k.a. Bean Bean, is serious about safety. Before setting foot on the shop floor, Braydee makes sure she is wearing appropriate eye, ear and foot protection. She also gently reminds us to wear our ear plugs and eye glasses if we happen to have forgotten.  Thoroughly trained in Medicine by Doc McStuffin's, Braydee has become our resident physician and performs impromptu check ups to make sure we are good and strong.

Our Team

James "Jim", a.k.a. Taco, took to plastics fabrication like a wiz kid. From day one his attention to detail, mind for creativity and ardent work ethic, lifted our level of production to new heights. In the shop he works like an Olympic Triathlete often hammering out 12 hour shifts without blinking an eye. As a service minded individual, Jim's goal is to reach a 100% customer satisfaction rate and help us achieve all 5-Star ratings on Yelp. Jim and his wife Amanda are Sacramento natives and music enthusiasts. Though Jim is not a fan of the water, he too can be found zipping through the Delta with wife and kid on Brett's boat in the summer.

Peyton Bartlett

VP - Chalk Design & QA

Brett, a.k.a The Plastics Guy, began this venture with a dream of combining two of his passions, boating and building, into one. Brett has a lifetime of experience designing, tinkering and building, and has developed a bit of an obsession with collecting tools. He has been in Plastics sales and manufacturing for over 6 years and has become a well respected leader and consultant in the industry. When he is not working, you can find Brett speeding through the delta with his wife and kids on their 2014 Yamaha AR-190, watching college football or helping neighbors with various DIY projects. Brett is an alumni of the  University of Washington where he earned his Bachelors degree.

Peyton, a.k.a. Pumpkin, heads up our design and drawing department. Solidworks throws her for a loop, but she can sketch up some wild creations with chalk and sharpies on the shop floor with the best of them. Peyton has been learning about plastics since the day she was born and help's the fab team look over projects upon completion to make sure they are "pretty" enough for our customers.