A fast and cost effective way to improve your homes insulation, reduce energy waste and allow in natural light, is to replace old foggy skylights with The Plastics Guys' custom formed replacement acrylic skylight domes. We can manufacture them to order in any size and color. The most common replacement skylights are made in white or bronze acrylic. We manufacture replacement skylights in single domes, double domes and triple domes depending on the level of insulation your project requires.  Contact us today or call our installer Brian Meyers at Myers Windows 909-935-7669 for a FREE estimate.

Our System for skylight replacement can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. No roofing tiles need to be replaced and in most cases your existing skylight curb can be reused. We can also walk you through a DIY Skylight replacement if you are a more hands on type of homeowner.

Replacement Skylight Dome Gallery

Skylights replaced by Meyer's Windows on a residence in Rancho Cordova, California